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Today’s consumers are willing to delve deeper into the world of tea. Recent trends suggest the age-old beverage still has a lot to be explored.

They want to know more about global tea cultures and are looking for new varieties and experiences. Tea-lovers are not just passionate about quality but also quite interested in the various traditions associated with tea.

Post pandemic, tea businesses are leveraging e-commerce and selling premium teas directly to consumers. They are bypassing middlemen, reducing costs and in turn increasing their margins.

But switching to e-commerce has not been enough to meet customer expectations. Businesses offer only a handful of varieties as they operate within their countries and select regions. The unorganized sector hinders the consumer from access to the global variety – a tremendous opportunity lost!

#AustralianTeaCompany aims to bridge this gap and connect with similar-minded people with a thirst for tea. It is creating an ecosystem for buyers, manufacturers, and sellers to Innovate, Collaborate & Co-create!

Its hassle-free e-commerce platform comes with a host of advantages, such as –

1. Truly Global Network
A robust network of tea growers and manufacturers from over 10 countries makes ATC’s model unique.

2. Top Quality, Fresh Loose Tea
ATC brings you fresh and authentic tea directly from the top gardens around the world.

3. Varieties of the World
At ATC, you will find the widest variety of tea from over 10 countries around the world.

4. Innovative Supply Chain
ATC optimizes the supply chain by bypassing unnecessary middlemen. Tea is packed in the gardens and delivered directly to your doorstep.

5. Encouraging Start-ups and SMEs
ATC offers a free consultation to start-ups and SMEs to help set up businesses online.

6. Contributing to the CommuniTEA
ATC is continuously working towards improving the lives of tea growers and their children by offering free education, and medical and social support.

Tea is more than just a beverage it is a way of life. Partner with ATC for a fresh perspective on tea.

To place your first order, reach out to info@australianteaco.com

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