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Our Sourcing
We source authentic teas which express the true taste of their origin

We bring you teas with character, with true flavour, made by masters to reflect the taste of their origin. We prioritise freshness, so that our teas arrive with you as they left the garden – bursting with flavour.
We do not blend from multiple origins, where the integrity of the origin is lost. A tea should taste of its place and its people – the local terroir, passion and production methods refined over millennia.

Direct from source
We work directly with producers to best understand the complexities behind their tea, and regularly stock teas never before made available outside of their domestic market.
We highly value the producer’s expertise in tea production, but often bring our understanding of the global market, and broader tea knowledge to improve the final product. We see this as a win-win situation for both sides, working together to drive greater demand for high quality tea.
Shared Passion
Our relationships are long-term, mutually beneficial and based on a shared passion for tea. Producers are often entrepreneurs who have spent their lives and invested their careers in tea. Nobody makes that investment based on purely financial motives, but usually fuelled by an enduring interest and passion for tea.