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Orange Mint Tea


• This is a gorgeous, fruity blend green tea that is evocative of a summer day.
• This tea is made from fragrant mint and fresh orange. Mint and orange are two flavors that are a perfect combination with each other. This natural tea help to provide refreshing feeling and appreciated worldwide for its fresh aroma with soothing taste.
• This brew is one of the perfect in your cup that sings the songs of summer, youth and days of leisure. You can enjoy the cup at any time of day. We advise garnishes of thin slices of orange for an extra flavor.
• Aroma: It has a refreshing and light with citrus notes of orange.
• Taste: It is Sweet with succulent notes from orange, with a surprisingly presence of citrus orange peel, that provides the cream, refreshing and light-hearted appeal.
The first sip tells about the fruity flavour with prominent citrus notes that is followed by a soothing creamy after taste of citrus ascent.
• It can be taken anytime during morning, afternoon and evening.

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It helps to lose weight and is very beneficial in insomnia. It is very useful in treating stomach, restlessness, increased heart rate, stress and depression. It is a healthy beverage that contains many antioxidants and cleans skin. It can be included in daily diet as it is a great stress buster and increases energy level. You can order chili chai from the online store of the Australian Tea Company; that sells a range of innovative, natural, healthy teas. Order online and get the tea at your doorstep.

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